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Agora Fellows

Agora Fellows

The Agora Fellows program provides undergraduate students a space to experiment with public discourse in a collaborative environment of their peers. Under the tutelage of the executive director of the Program for Public Discourse, students meet regularly throughout the year to engage a variety of timely and timeless issues of public concern over a range of discursive modes including dialogue, debate, and critical reflection. All undergraduate Carolina students are welcome to participate.

Students can inquire about Agora Fellows membership here and read more about the principles underpinning the Agora Fellows’ discussions in “Deliberating Together.”

               Abbey Speaker Series Event: A Conversation with Cal Cunningham and Thom Tillis

Agora Fellows, (from right to left): Sarah Crow, Willow Yang, Maddux Vernon
Agora Fellows, (from right to left): Kunal Khaware, Maximillian Peko, Harrington Shaw