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The PPD Annual Report for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

To the Carolina community and beyond, the UNC Program for Public Discourse (PPD) is proud to report on the success of an exciting year of programming, which we could not have done without your help. With the resources provided by UNC and the generosity of our supporters, combined with the adaptability of our audience and contributors, we were able to connect with hundreds of individuals and continue strengthening our students’ capacities for public discourse, enabling them to serve as better citizens, civic leaders, and stewards of our democracy.
Our Annual Report for this academic year lays out how we built on our existing programming while adding new initiatives to better address the myriad issues affecting our country. It also explores how our audience reaches beyond the Carolina campus and across the political spectrum, broadening and deepening the impact of our efforts to improve public discourse.
In the coming year, we’re expanding on all of these elements to meet the needs of our community. The PPD exists as a resource for anyone interested in cultivating engaged citizenship, and we’re collaborating on a variety of projects and programs with other campus organizations. We are also working to bring even more UNC faculty members from numerous disciplines into the PPD to offer their expertise to each other and our audience.
We thank everyone who was part of the PPD this year. We look forward to meeting everyone who will be part of it during the coming academic year, where we’ll explore the intersection of Democracy and Public Discourse.