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Leading Controversial Conversations: Teaching Argumentation and Debate

Leading Controversial Conversations: Teaching Argumentation and Debate

Teaching Argumentation and Debate

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This semester, the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Program for Public Discourse invite UNC faculty to participate in a series of three workshops designed to empower educators across the curriculum with the necessary tools to facilitate robust discourse across controversial terrain.
This workshop is premised on the idea that there is often no way around difficult discussions in the classroom: the only way is through them. The workshop suggests strategies and concrete activities for encouraging students to take argumentative risks and be open to comparatively charitable exchange on the basis of evidence, all with the goal of fostering a productive culture of argument at UNC.
Date: March 8, 2022
Times: 03:00 pm – 04:15 pm
Audience: UNC Faculty
Venue: Center for Faculty Excellence, Online
Teaching Argumentation and Debate

Event Moderator

Kevin Marinelli serves as Executive Director of the Program for Public Discourse and teaches in the Department of Communication. He teaches courses in rhetorical studies, and his scholarship centers on public argument. He has published essays in Rhetoric Society Quarterly and Argumentation and Advocacy, including his most recent essay on the emergence of Black Lives Matter. Kevin also leads the Agora Fellows, a group of undergraduate students committed to the study and practice of public discourse in contemporary democracy. Currently, Kevin is investigating practices of rhetorical citizenship.
Teaching Argumentation and Debate
Emily Boehm is a PPD Faculty Affiliate and an educational developer and evolutionary biologist working with faculty members to bring active and inclusive learning methods to their classrooms, leading the CFE’s initiatives for faculty new to UNC. She also serves as the co-facilitator for the Faculty Administrator Development Program.